The Lunch Bunch program extends the preschool day until 1:30. Families may enroll their child on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and/orThursday – one to four or two days/week depending on your child’s regular class attendance..

Lunch Bunch is a rich and very popular program! Parents appreciate the benefits of a longer day, and it is also the highlight of the Lunch Buddy’s week! Children extend their learning with teachers other than their own classroom teachers and with children including some from other classes. They become comfortable going to another classroom, experience having lunch at school and staying at school a little longer.

The cost is $45/month for 1 day/week, $80/month for 2days/week, $115/month for 3 days/week and $150/month for 4 extended days/week.  Four-day children may extend Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday. 3-day children may extend Monday and/or Wednesday, and 2-day children may extend Tuesday and/or Thursday. All in all, it’s a positive preschool step toward thekindergarten day.

This is how the Lunch Bunch session goes:

The children are gathered for Lunch Bunch as car line dismissal starts. It begins with an outdoor time, followed by lunch (a bag lunch and drink from home), center activities tailored to the group and participation in an interactive story. Pick-up will be at 1:30 – “car line style” using your regular car line number.

Stephanie Andrews is our lead Lunch Bunch teacher, Christa Wallace and Maria Ellis will be her assistants. Mrs. Andrews always plans the day to be similar in form to the regular preschool day (lengthening it by half), but also to be unique in its content. For children in two or 3 day classes, Lunch Bunch begins the last week of September. Children coming 2 days/week may join in when their classroom teacher determines them to be ready for the experience. (They tend to be our youngest children and, coming two days/week, will have had less “school time” to get comfortable – separating, understanding and complying with school routines, etc. Decisions are made on a case by case basis.) Children may join during the year if spaces open.