The Lunch Bunch program extends the preschool day until 1:30. Families may enroll their child to attend Monday through Friday for one to five days/week depending on the child’s regular class days.

Lunch Bunch is a popular program at St. Matthew’s: Parents appreciate the benefits of a longer day, and children have the opportunity to extend their learning with teachers other than their own classroom teachers and with children from other classes. The children are gathered for Lunch Bunch as morning car line dismissal starts. It begins with an outdoor time, followed by lunch (lunch and a drink are brought from home), center activities tailored to the group, and participation in an interactive story. Car line pick-up is at 1:30 using your regular car line number. Children in Lunch Bunch become comfortable going to another classroom, experiencing having lunch at school, and staying at school a little longer.

The cost is $45/month for 1 extended day/week, $85/month for 2 days/week, $125/month for 3 days/week, $160/month for 4 days/week, and $200 for 5 days/week. Older children begin at the end of September, while younger children begin attending at the end of October to allow them time to settle into regular school routines.

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